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USPB Potato Safari 3 with Chef Sandy Daza

Day 2: US Potato Board Potato Safari 3 Excited to start the second of the 3-day event of US Potato Board Potato Safari 3 event here in Davao City.  Starting off the day with a cooking demo with USPB guest- chef Sandy Daza at the Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao. I was a bit late for the event but I am glad to have seen Chef Sandy cook and explained the versatility of potatoes and how we can actually incorporate it in almost every  dish.  Demo Cooking by Chef Sandy Daza Mixed Sausages and Crispy US Potatoes US Potato Beef Caldereta Some mentoring time here with Chef Sandy and one of my team mate, Stacey for the cook-off event the next day.

US Potato Board Potato Safari 3 at Claude's Le Cafe de Ville

Claude's Le Cafe de Ville is a fine dining restaurant in Davao City, set in an exquisite colonial house and known for its unparalleled French and Mediterranean cuisine and very friendly and excellent service.  During the first day of the US Potato Safari 3  last December 1, 2105. Lunch were held at Claude's. We were welcomed by the owner and chef himself,  Chef Claude Le Neindre. it was my first dining experience at Claude's and  I was so excited to try this 3-day event and fill my tummy with  a  non stop all potato inspired dishes that will be served on our table that day and the next two days. Thus, below are the mouth watering photos of Chef Claude's Menu for lunch  and see how it was  creatively done with US Potatoes. US Potato Safari 3 Menu Lunch Appetizer: Chili Potato Cheese with Shrimp Creamy Potato Onion Veloute Salade Madayaw Main Course: Pepper Steak in Hash Brown Dessert: Potato Souffle Potato Durian Pi

US Potato Board Potato Safari 3 in Davao City

Celebrating the world-class potential of restaurants around the Philippines, the US Potato Board (USPB), the promotion and marketing organization for US Potatoes, recently held the third US Potato Safari. Making its debut in 2014, the US Potato Safari is a campaign by the USPB to celebrate and support local restaurants, along with the challenge to develop recipes that delight customers while thrilling them with the creative possibilities of this ingredient. This year, the USPB took the event to the beautiful Davao City. It partnered with well-loved restaurants considered as must-visits for those looking for a rich experience of the city.  Luckily, i was one of the Davao Bloggers who were invited to experience the 3-day event.  US POTATO BOARD Global Marketing Manager- Susan Weller explains how US frozen potatoes are used in the Philippines and that the US Potato Board supports seminars and trainings on proper handling, storage and preparation of US frozen Potatoes to cr