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MOTT'S: Nurturing Goodness for Your Family Since 1842

Yes, an  apple a day does keep the doctor away! The apple, that shiny, beautiful red fruit which teased its way into Eve's heart and lured Snow White into an enchanting sleep, is packed with all sorts of nutritional benefits. Not only does it boost your immune system, it also cleanses your liver, prevents cataracts, controls weight, and contributes to a healthy heart.(1) It's no wonder then that the folks over at Mott's love working with this luscious fruit! It all started with S.R. Mott, who has been growing apples in New York since 1842. Using techniques he learned from his grandfather, Mott perfected advanced pasteurization and filtration techniques at his mill, resulting in the popularity of his products. Every eight-ounce serving provides you with two servings of fruit. Mott's is rooted in the fine tradition of making the most of the goodness of the lovely apple since 1842. Since then, it has been nurturing goodness among Filipino families. Mott

Naked Waxing Salon opens at Abreeza

Unwanted hair? Naked Waxing Salon cares! Finally, a new waxing salon recently opened in the 2nd Floor of Abreeza Mall Davao that caters to every woman's unwanted hair problems. Let the friendly Naked Waxing Salon take care of all your frets. Its well trained and friendly staff will have you coming back for more waxing services. With its latest hair removal technique that can be done and  in either hot or cold procedure. Why wax? Because waxing unwanted hair takes longer to grow back and even takes a week or so before it reappears.  At Naked Waxing Salon, they offer a lot of services at a very pamper-friendly cost. Including its newest Eyelash Extension service that makes your lashes look fuller and longer for only P800 pesos. Few weeks ago, i was one of the lucky Bloggers who were given a chance to experience Naked Waxing Salon's services. For that day, since i was still  undecided as to which service to avail,  I tried brow threading

TGIFridays' Shareable Platters

The holiday season is indeed the best time to bond and share moments together with family, friends and relatives, And one of the best things during the holidays is to share a very filling dining experience with loved ones. TGIFridays' Shareable Platters is now available for you  to enjoy this Christmas. Big, shareable goodness abounds at TGIFridays as an array of belly-busting combinations is geared to be a hit with family and friends. The new Christmas Flavor include a combination of classic and new offerings in one plate to please up to three persons. TGIFridays ' "Smokehouse Platter " has that sweet smokey taste. It consists of Smoked Fried Chicken, seared, smoked, fried and served with jambalaya sauce, char -grilled meaty sausages served with rice pilaf and a plateful of Golden Chipotle Cheese Balls.   Smokehouse Platter P1150 (serves 2-3) The "Jack Daniel's Platter" on the other hand has a fall-off-the-bone ribs, basted w