MysterEscape First Escape Room in Davao

Are you a fan of  online mystery games Do you have critical thinking skills and think you can escape from a  locked room in 60 minutes or less? Yes, you are given an hour to find clues, puzzles and elements only found in the room to solve a mystery case and unlock yourself out. Of course it would be fun to experience it with a group of friends who love escape room video games as well.

MysterEscape was recently launched and its the first in Davao. That is why Davaoenos are curious and extremely excited to experience what its like to be in a real life simulation game that has been so popular nowadays in as far as Japan, China and United States.

MysterEscape Rooms:

1. Secret Agents on a Mission

Be a secret agent or covert operative and infiltrate the den of the most dangerous criminal mastermind this world has ever known, You only have one hour to locate and steal the secret formula for creating a zombie army that will lead to the zombie apocalypse.

2. Murder at Apartment 999

Play detectives and solve the mystery behind the death of a model/endorser. You only have one hour to investigate the killer before he or she forever escapes the clutches of the police.

3.Lucila's Curse

You and your friends find yourselves locked in a house under the curse of Lucila's Tormented soul. You have one hour to escape or risk being trapped with Lucila for eternity.

Rates: (per person)

Tuesday - Thursday
2pax- P450
3pax- P350
4pax- P300
5pax- P250

2pax- P450
3pax- P300
4pax- P250
5pax- P200 

Few days prior MysterEscape's opening, we were invited to test our critical thinking skills and experience hows it like to be in real life escape room. 

My team! did we manage to unlock the room in 60 minutes? No, but we shall return!

Davao Bloggers. Thank you MysterEscape for the Bloggers' Day!

Office hours:

Open Wednesday-Sunday 1pm-9pm
Tuesdays are open only for online bookings and corporate events
Address: Mezzanine Floor Adelfa Building
Km 6 JP Laurel Avenue Lanang Davao City


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