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MOTT'S: Nurturing Goodness for Your Family Since 1842

Yes, an  apple a day does keep the doctor away! The apple, that shiny, beautiful red fruit which teased its way into Eve's heart and lured Snow White into an enchanting sleep, is packed with all sorts of nutritional benefits. Not only does it boost your immune system, it also cleanses your liver, prevents cataracts, controls weight, and contributes to a healthy heart.(1) It's no wonder then that the folks over at Mott's love working with this luscious fruit!
It all started with S.R. Mott, who has been growing apples in New York since 1842. Using techniques he learned from his grandfather, Mott perfected advanced pasteurization and filtration techniques at his mill, resulting in the popularity of his products.

Every eight-ounce serving provides you with two servings of fruit. Mott's is rooted in the fine tradition of making the most of the goodness of the lovely apple since 1842. Since then, it has been nurturing goodness among Filipino families.

Mott's 100% Original A…

Naked Waxing Salon opens at Abreeza

Unwanted hair? Naked Waxing Salon cares!

Finally, a new waxing salon recently opened in the 2nd Floor of Abreeza Mall Davao that caters to every woman's unwanted hair problems. Let the friendly Naked Waxing Salon take care of all your frets. Its well trained and friendly staff will have you coming back for more waxing services. With its latest hair removal technique that can be done and  in either hot or cold procedure.
Why wax? Because waxing unwanted hair takes longer to grow back and even takes a week or so before it reappears. 
At Naked Waxing Salon, they offer a lot of services at a very pamper-friendly cost. Including its newest Eyelash Extension service that makes your lashes look fuller and longer for only P800 pesos.
Few weeks ago, i was one of the lucky Bloggers who were given a chance to experience Naked Waxing Salon's services. For that day, since i was still  undecided as to which service to avail,  I tried brow threading instead. The salon staff were friendly   and …

TGIFridays' Shareable Platters

The holiday season is indeed the best time to bond and share moments together with family, friends and relatives, And one of the best things during the holidays is to share a very filling dining experience with loved ones.
TGIFridays' Shareable Platters is now available for you  to enjoy this Christmas. Big, shareable goodness abounds at TGIFridays as an array of belly-busting combinations is geared to be a hit with family and friends. The new Christmas Flavor include a combination of classic and new offerings in one plate to please up to three persons.
TGIFridays' "Smokehouse Platter" has that sweet smokey taste. It consists of Smoked Fried Chicken, seared, smoked, fried and served with jambalaya sauce, char -grilled meaty sausages served with rice pilaf and a plateful of Golden Chipotle Cheese Balls.
Smokehouse Platter P1150 (serves 2-3)
The "Jack Daniel's Platter" on the other hand has a fall-off-the-bone ribs, basted with Jack Daniel's much sough…

Five Reasons Why I love CBTL's The Giving Journal 2016

Its the time of the year again. A season of coffee stamps and christmas journals. I rarely list down thoughts and appointments on journals, but having been able to attend The Coffee Bean Tean & Leaf's  The Giving Journal Holiday Launch, I cannot help but look forward to 2016 and have a running list of goals and manage my time using the 2016 Giving Journal.

Here in this writing, I have listed my top five reasons why owning a CBTL 2016 journal is a must.

1. Giving back to Community
It has been a tradition of The Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf Philippines to give back by helping others.The CBTL has partnered with Real Life Foundation, its chosen foundation by supporting educational needs and giving scholarship grants.

see video clip here of Real Life Foundation

2.Travel Plan
If you are a jetsetter or simply have desires for travel  next year,  The CBTL Giving Journal will definitely be a useful tool in marking your future travel adventure and have your schedules organized in one page…

MysterEscape First Escape Room in Davao

Are you a fan of  online mystery games? Do you have critical thinking skills and think you can escape from a  locked room in 60 minutes or less? Yes, you are given an hour to find clues, puzzles and elements only found in the room to solve a mystery case and unlock yourself out. Of course it would be fun to experience it with a group of friends who love escape room video games as well.
MysterEscape was recently launched and its the first in Davao. That is why Davaoenos are curious and extremely excited to experience what its like to be in a real life simulation game that has been so popular nowadays in as far as Japan, China and United States.

MysterEscape Rooms:

1. Secret Agents on a Mission

Be a secret agent or covert operative and infiltrate the den of the most dangerous criminal mastermind this world has ever known, You only have one hour to locate and steal the secret formula for creating a zombie army that will lead to the zombie apocalypse.

2. Murder at Apartment 999

Play detectives …

Kiraku Japanese Bistro Davao


A newly opened Japanese Bistro recently opened north of Davao City. If you live nearby Cabantian, Davao and you love Japanese food, hop in and visit Kiraku Japanese Bistro and enjoy authentic Japanese dishes.

Im happy to be invited for a food tasting event prior to their grand opening last September 1, 2015. I must say authentic Japanese food  because everything they offer in the menu will be personally prepared and cooked by the Japanese owner and Filipina wife, Keiji and Joan Iwata.

Tatsukuri (flavored dried anchovies)
Nikomi Hamburg -soft hamburger stewed in special meat sauce, ideal for kids.
Nagoya Spicy Ramen is my personal favorite.

Kiraku Japanese Bistro Door 12 Orange Tree Building cor. Dela Pena Village Cabantian, Davao City Open Tuesdays-Sundays 11am-2pm (lunch) 5pm-10pm (dinner)
how to get here: 

Primera Light Brandy launched featuring Silent Sanctuary

Primera Light Brandy, is the newest product of Ginebra San Miguel and was recently launched in time with Davao City's Kadayawan Festival 2015. Feautured artist during the launched was Silent Sanctuary and it rocked the Victoria Mall Parking Area and the huge crowd with their all famous set list. 

photo by: Ginebra San Miguel
Primera Light Brandy is made from imported grapes, made smoother and aged longer. With rich, flavorful taste enhanced by Solera Gran Reserva Brandy concentrates.

Silent Sanctuary graced the huge crowd in Victoria Mall Parking Area during the Kadayawan Festival last month. The 5-piece Filipino band formed in 2001 said it was their first visit in Davao and it was worth the long wait. 

Kadayawan Special Supersize Boodle Fight at Park Inn Davao

Its August and three days away from the much awaited Kadayawan season. And because its a festival of festivals, Dabawenyos' tradition is to always make it a festive celebration of beautiful life and bountiful blessings, also a festivity of good food!  Park Inn by Radisson Davao celebrates the Kadayawan Festival with a Special Supersize Boodle Fight Meal starting August 15-31 by which the supersize meal will be ready to serve at RBG during both lunch and dinner.
For two weeks, the Supersize Boodle Fight Menu includes :
Grilled Vegetable Salad with Chevre Cheese    Kinilaw with Pomelo Salad    Mango, Salted Egg and Okra with Bagoong    Tinolang Soup    Grilled Tuna Belly    Grilled Shrimp    Grilled Bangus    Chicken Inasal    Fried Tilapia    Fried Crablets    Crispy Pork Belly Lumpia, Pancit,    Special Davao Cake    Fresh Fruits Served with Plain rice and Garlic rice and a pitcher of drink. Priced at P1,999.00 net  good for 6-7 pax

World Street Food at Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao

Food adventure during travels completes an ultimate travelers' guide to a very satisfying perfect vacation. Each time you visit a place there is always a wide array of traditional and delicious food waiting to be explored. Trying out local food puts joy in food adventures. Its hard to resist trying almost everything local. 

This August, Vikings Luxury Buffet Davaoat SM Lanang Premier will let you explore the World's best street food without even traveling. 
Last week's Street Food of the World  food tasting with Davao Bloggers was a total food pleasure.
SUPPLI (Italy) Italian word "surprise". Ball of rice filled with chicken bits, mozzarella, soaked in egg, coated with bread crumbs usually deep fried. 
Pork Satay ( Indonesia) Satay, originated in Java Indonesia, a dish seasoned skewered and grilled meat barbequed over wood or charcoaled fire served with various spicy seasonings.
Tacos Al Pastor (Mexico) "shepherd style" a dish made from thin strips of pork that…