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Bulgogi Brothers PH

No other restaurant for me specializes authentic Korean cuisine but Bulgogi Brothers . The korean name itself represents. "bul"  meaning Fire  and "gogi" meaning meat.  Last week, Bulgogi Brothers Davao at SM Lanang Premier invited us for a food media roll out. Also my first dining experience at Bulgogi Brothers. Who doesnt like Korean cuisine? I love everything in the menu. Festive! The traditional korean taste gives Bulgogi Brothers a two thumbs up sign.  These free appetizers are served while you are waiting for your orders. I repeat, its free. Bori -Cha  or Barley Tea. Is also served free Seafood Soybean Stew P295 The Bulgogi Bibimbap set. P295                Korean Pork Belly P295 Salmon Fillet BBQ.   Samon fillet &LA style beef Beef Bulgogi Platter serves 3-4 pax.     Seafood stew The Bulgogi Bibimbap  Kimchi Jjigae Buy 1 Take 1 (July 15 -Aug 8)  Korean food

Bioessence's Dynamic Pulse Light Technology

Bioessence , an 18- year beauty clinic chain recently launched its newest beauty technology. DPL or Dynamic Pulse Light Technology was introduced earlier last week, July 6, 2014 at Abreeza Mall Davao.  Dynamic Pulse Light, the latest and one of the most impressive machines in the market that can bring out multiple effects. The first and new concept of combining IPL and laser power source to create new pulse and speed.  With this latest equipment from Bioessence , you can get a variety of instant treatments like getting rid of unwanted hair, stubborn acne, brightening up the skin and lightening pigmented lesion in one easy step. This revolutionary machine has dual pulse shape delivery appropriately named the LPD or Laser Power Delivery and the SPD or Smart Power Delivery that treats acne , destroys epidermal melasma, improves the skin tone and reduces unwanted hair.  Bioessence's specialized treatment using the machine is definitely not your conventional method. It even brig

The Stairwell- A matter of taste

From restaurant openings, reviews to food tasting , every event invitation is always memorable. And im loving every minute of it. Im a food lover anyway! Two weeks earlier, me and my fellow bloggers were invited to a food tasting event of a newly opened food hub in Davao City. (Thanks Karla for the invite) The Stairwell, a newly opened restaurant  situated in MTS -Matina Town Square in Davao. I was impressed with its warm and cozy interior design. The friendly food crew and accommodating owner. The food tasting experience was a blast. Each delicious tasting of their food was superb. I will definitely be coming back and will bring my whole family with me. To give you, readers an idea how good the food were during the food tasting event, see photos below .                  healthy appetizers                       Dinakdakan P158               Imbao Chowder P78       Stairwell's Signature Lasagna P158 Stairwell's Signature Sisig P 198