MY Skin Origins' Zumba Party

Zumba, an alternative dance fitness workout can  burn calories and unwanted fats. This proven, easy to follow full body dance workout can also help lose weight. 

Last April 26, 2014 I was invited to join a zumba event at Metro Lifestyle Gym in Torres St. Davao City. It was my first dance workout experience. Thanks to My Skin Origins for organizing a  fun and fab dance fitness workout event. There were toning dance moves, strengthening and full cardio dance exercise that made me sweat big time. I never thought i could exercise and lose as much calories in a fun dance class!

The fun, fit and fab experience i owe it to the organizers, sponsors and the zumba instructors!

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with Davao Bloggers 
( Photo by My Skin Origins )

Yay! i won a Gift Certificate! Thanks My Skin Origins
 ( Photo by: My Skin Origins )

The awesome Zumba Instructors
(Photo by: My Skin Origins)

Thank you for the Fit and Fab Dance Fitness event!
(Photo by: My Skin Origins)

with blogger buddies Anna and Vanessa

 Post Zumba


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