Yakimix Foodfeast with Friends

There is indeed truth to the saying that the  "the most delicious seasoning for  both  delicious meal and good life is when it is shared with Friends." Last weekend's buffet dining experience with  few of my co-mommy bloggers was truly gastronomic worth the time with friends.  Also it was a birthday dinner treat of mommy Vanessa. (thank you again, gorgeous!)

Prior to dining at Yakimix Abreeza , you can either place an early reservation or you can just go walk-in but had to be patient to be called from the waiting list. Friendly staff ushers you to your reserved seats inside the restaurant. 

From there, i started  satisfying foodgasm with choices of Oriental food, as well as Korean dishes. Tables are equipped with smokeless grill which me and my mommy friends enjoyed using it and cooking while combining chitchats with dining. What else could be more fun than that? 


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