Conquer the "Ultimate YOLO Titan" Challenge @ Bigbys

Are you Brave enough to conquer the fastest eating record in the Ultimate Titan YOLO challenge? Offered by no less than Bigbys Cafe and Restaurant in Abreeza Mall of Davao. Prizes are at stake for those who can finish the YOLO menu choice at a fastest record breaking time.

The Big Time Manhattan Cheeseburger
                                                                                                          The Mega Rock-a-bye Baby

                         Titanic Treat 

Here are some fun photos with co Davao Bloggers taken from the Bigbys YOLO menu launch. 

Would you dare take the Ultimate Eat Up YOLO Challenge? 
Hurry! head on to Bigbys Abreeza and tag along your friends!

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Abreeza Mall Davao
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