Archipelago 7101 by Barrio Fiesta , a Filipino Dining Experience

Truly, the Philippines is an archipelago surrounded by 7,101 islands- we too are in a tropical country with abundant festive and good food around. 

Last week's invitation by co- Davao Bloggers' meet up with Travel Bloggers visiting Davao in lieu of the recently held Kadayawan 2013, was a total feast. It was my first time to dine at Archipelago 7101 by Barrio Fiesta at Sm Lanang Premier. First to notice is the Filipino inspired ambience inside the restaurant. Immediately i felt it is definitely a top choice for dining experience for  family gatherings, reunion, birthdays or even just a  casual food hangout. Bringing to Davao all the authentic signature dishes from all around the provinces in the country is remarkable. 

Archipelago 7101 by Barrio Fiesta

 Mama Chit's Special Bilao Feast

Barrio Fiesta's signature Kare Kare

Crispy Pata

Archipelago 7101 by Barrio Fiesta
Sm Lanang Premier
Lanang, Davao City


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