10k, Finally.

10 kilometer run finally conquered. It was an unimaginable finish for me. My endurance level is obviously failing.  I know coz ive been running for two years already. Surely i lost 15 pounds of excessive unwanted fats.  But man, that was hard. Overeating is my enemy, but the truth is- eating is love. The amount of calories you throw in one running is just the amount of mcdonalds burger you eat in one sitting. Dang burger..  i dont wanna grow sideways!
So there, in an extremely  early sunday i went to join a 10k race. Thanks to a co-bloggger, Chamee who invited me to sign up. The first four kilometers was a killler.. the pacing was extremely low. Speed was at its slowest. I had shortness of air, felt a slight pain of side stitches,  but was manageable. As i proceeded halfway.. the 5km turning.point was a delight. In running, im usually warmed  up on my first five kilometers, after that i can run longer. I can manage more air. Finishing the 10k category was a yahoo for me. I may not have ran as fast as the others. Because i run not to impress people. My only competition is myself. The only challenge is me. The time i stopped running yesterday must be the time i must beat today.
Last sunday's 10k city run was an achievement for me. It wasnt as easy. But it was worth the run, the gasping for air, the heat, the thirst,  the post muscle pain. but we runners know that  pain is only temporary, the aftermath incomparably fulfilling. Running is so much love.


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