Mommy in the Pantry

June 18,2013

Today is my sixth long kindergarten waiting day.  So far it has been both tiring and fun. Legs and butt numbing from prolonged sitting and standing but well, its pretty rewarding. Correction, its  actually the most  rewarding thing in the wonderful world of motherhood. 

Sitting here in the school pantry along with a number of guardians,  most are actually moms,  i can see a daddy whose patience in waiting four times a week i truly admire.  A number of "ates" or nannies now also neck numbing staring and thumbing their  cellphones for three hours  daily probably texting their " ka-berks" for tv's local soap  (be careful with my heart) updates lol. Yet in another corner, a grandmother i think in her late 60's i surprisingly saw, killing time in her ipad. I repeat, IPAD. Wow. Look how awesome technology is nowadays. Grannies are getting hippy. 

Separation anxiety.  

Oh no. The school booklet states parents must stay in the pantry or waiting area by the time their kids are ready to be left alone in the care of their teacher.  Luckily, i stayed in the pantry the entire kindergarten session today. Halleluiah! after a week of standing, Sam went out only three times, a bathroom break, snack/ recess time and the last one handing me his water bottle telling me to hold it so he could go out as much and as often  as he gets thirsty! Haha excuses! too smart huh, but mom is smarter. Otherwise, imma say,  hooray for Sam!  Mommy got over the separation anxiety syndrome today! 

It is yet the second week, 36 more weeks,  180 more waiting days to go. More challenging mommy days ahead. 

Mommy in the pantry. 


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