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Mommy in the Pantry

June 18,2013 Today is my sixth long kindergarten waiting day.  So far it has been both tiring and fun. Legs and butt numbing from prolonged sitting and standing but well, its pretty rewarding. Correction, its  actually the most  rewarding thing in the wonderful world of motherhood.  Sitting here in the school pantry along with a number of guardians,  most are actually moms,  i can see a daddy whose patience in waiting four times a week i truly admire.  A number of "ates" or nannies now also neck numbing staring and thumbing their  cellphones for three hours  daily probably texting their " ka-berks" for tv's local soap  (be careful with my heart) updates lol. Yet in another corner, a grandmother i think in her late 60's i surprisingly saw, killing time in her ipad. I repeat, IPAD. Wow. Look how awesome technology is nowadays. Grannies are getting hippy.  Separation anxiety.   Oh no. The school booklet states p arents must stay in the pantry or

Need a Knead? De-stress at Banahaw Heals Spa Davao

Tired and overworked? Theres no better way than spending a day of relaxation in a new haven spa in Davao City. Banahaw Heals Spa recently opened its first branch in Mindanao and is now open to take all our stress away. A few ours of 'me-time' or 'get-away" from the busy urban life and indulge ourselves in the real wonders of touch therapy is really a worth-the-time experience.  Banahaw Heals Spa Davao offers a variety of quality packages for clients especially those availing of its lifetime membership package at a very reasonable fee. The newest spa haven has made specifically designed massage packages and my most favorite (since i consider  myself a fitness freak)among them is the 5-in 1 Healing Massage (Swedish, Shiatsu, Tuna, Hilot and Thai) I always love deep tissue massage. It relieves the muscle tensions and leg cramps i always get from my weekend runs. I love the natural mood. the tranquil ambience is so relaxing. I will definitely come back her