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Davao Bloggers Society Acquaintance Party 2013

Never have i imagined myself being in a random chance of meeting tech, savvy blogger people in my six years (and counting) of stay here in Davao. Years back,  yes i do write. Occasionally and randomly writes about anything that blows into my mind. But not as professional as these smart peeps are! I remember joining Davao Bloggers' Weekend Bootcamp September of 2012. Being a  newbie, I was too shy to be in the group. And here i am today, a year after,  joining the Davao Bloggers Society Acquaintance Party. Standing in front being inducted as a bonafide member! Hooray!  Thank you DB officers and friends for being so warm and friendly in welcoming us, the newbies into your world of blogging. For mentoring us become better and responsible writers. And for all the fun meetups and parties, may there be gazilion more soon! Woot! Truly, its not just a blogging community, its a one awesome family! Sharing with you some of the highlights of the DB Social Acquaintance Party as we