Ineng's Special Bbq at Sm Lanang Premier

As my tastebuds crave for something freshly grilled, Sam my daytime buddy was as usual in the mood and ecstatic to keep me company and go malling. We went to check a newly opened bbq restaurant at the Sky Garden of SM Lanang Premier here in Davao City.

Ineng's Special Bbq appeared to me to have very  a cozy ambience. It is not as spacious to accommodate more than 50 pax (i think) but the place is tidy.

As i checked the menu, combo complete meals are always the most enticing. Prices were as reasonable as the amount per plating. Of course, combo meals are served with a glass of iced tea.

Todays happy tummy servings:

 hot soup (free)

Grilled Liempo and Garlic Rice P75

 8" Pork BBQ P27

Laing P60

Food review:
The Laing was superb. Not as spicy as the authentic Bicolano Laing but its quite ok. i was just looking for the spicy 'kick' from it. The Grilled Liempo is juicy and tastes just right to satisfy my tastebuds. I was also looking for a little more tenderness on both the grilled liempo and bbq.

I give it a thumbs up for the prompt, good service and friendly food crew.

Pocket wise:
Yeah i spent only around P180 pesos for the complete meal.

I give it a * * *


  1. Good to know you had a wonderful dining experience there. Mine was good, not great. I would not recommend it because I think there are far better options for the same price (or lower). But if you want to try something different, they do have unique offerings here.

  2. The place is neat and comfy. Food was ok, i was looking for a more tender bbq lang. And spicy kick on the laing. But it was ok. Thanks abby.


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