En Route: Vietnam

En route : Vietnam
Day 1
Ho Chi Minh City Tour
8am to 3pm
 War Remnants Museum

            Our first stop for our day city tour in Ho Chi Minh is a popular museum among every tourist that arrives in the country. Opened in September 1975, it primarily stores exhibits and artifacts relating to the American phase in the Vietnam War. The three-floor popular museum said to attract almost half a million visitors per year and about two thirds of which are foreigners.

             From the entrance, be amazed as you  see some huge aircrafts and armor collections.
            Antique war devices are shown  inside of the museum. Photo galleries of  The war aftermath -(surely, not for the the faint hearted).  From the museum, you can also check the anti-war artworks done by the Vietnamese children.. And many graphically interesting sights inside.

aircraft and armor collections

Anti-war artworks of Vietnamese children


Gallery of the War Aftermath


Getting there:

Taxi From the Tourist District (Pham Ngu Lao)
should cost around 40,000 VND or 2 USD
Location: 28 Vo Tan Tan, District 3 Ho Chi Minh City
Entrance fee: 15,000 VND


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