Study, Work and Build your Future @ BETA

(Business & Entrepreneurial Training Academy)

     Beta offers a 6-month Entrepreneurship Program that prepares a perfect pathway to interested individuals who wish to pursue a successful career in Australia. The said program has a big english component to equip students with high standard communication skills. Aside from that, the program offers practical hands-on introductory courses in all fields of entrepreneurship such as marketing, business development, accounting and financial management, organization but also financial literacy, IT, basic law and taxation.

Who can enroll:

-You, who have an entrepreneural and open mind and determined to         build a future overseas.
Classes are offered
-4days /week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
-8:15 am to 12:30pm

at Beta, we help you build your future!

For inquiries, visit :
AMS Campus
F.Torres Street
Davao City
Tel: 082-3044948


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