A Home Away From Home @JavaJive...

    Finally, a new and uniquely designed music café has arrived in Davao. JAVA JIVE Coffee-Tea-Soda-Music is a Proudly Pinoy- themed café. It offers a wide array of locally Davao-produced food and beverages. and Not just coffee, they serve delicious home cooked meals too that comes with  a twist of Davaoeno spirit. They serve Opm Orig Pinoy Meals.However, they have gourmet style foodies also if you crave for gourmet meals.
    As javajive opens, it promises Davaoenos a Home Away From Home ambience. Relaxing as if youre at the comfort of your own homes.  And whats more? Java jive’s frontline objective is to develop a scholarship program and build partnerships with school and communities to be able to send less fortunate children to school. JavaJive patrons and coffee drinkers share a percentage to a scholarship fund for future JavaJive scholars. Now that’s so generous.
      Luckily, I was so delighted to be  one of the 20 social media blogger who was invited for a food and beverage tasting last Sunday, Nov 18, 2012. The unique cozy interior caught my attention. Everything is amazingly cozy. i particulary love the comfortable couches. Javajive offers not just a chillin coffee , tea time with family and friends. its a music lounge where patrons can enjoy live music jams nightly,  as you know, the young corporate owners are strong supporters of OPM Music. And the most awesome part? It provides a fast free wifi connection  . Oh yes, charging mobile gadgets will always be free of  charge. Halleluiah! To note,  patrons who have cars, dont fret. JavaJive is about to bring us Davao City's first Hydraulic Parking. how cool is that! 

JavaJive Press Kit

Durian Crust. i want more of this. (two thumbs up!)

the famous Civet Coffee. if you wanna try a different kind of kick in a coffee. this should be on top of your list.

One of JavaJive's bestseller - Peppermint Coffee (a must try too)

Tuna Crust (i love how the tuna and pineapple dominated the taste of its filling)

Raspberry Soda (JavaJive serves 75% sugar free sodas) 

interesting interiors.. the piano keys from the ceiling is just so amazing.

 Pastries! Juris' red velvet cupcake is a standout.

of course we had to see how the regular seating cafe becomes a live music jamming place. 

presenting the Creative Minds behind JavaJive.

JavaJive Promises Fast and free wifi connection for the studious..

Co Davao Bloggers. Thank you JavaJive for having us!

 Indeed JavaJive is my Home away from Home...

JavaJive is open 24/7
located at: 1.18 Centron Building
Quirino Avenue Davao City
Tel: (082) 321-2247


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