DIY Iphone Case Makeover

     Are you getting tired of your old iphone protective case? minimal scratches are just so normal. dont fret, im going to share with you a simple do-it-yourself iphone 4/4s make over. 

    My white iphone case has minimal scratches already. yes its neat but i find it plain and boring. 

      you will need: 

              stick-on set you can buy at any bookstores
              pastel colored stick ons is a-must choice              
              scissors or cutters

                    now, its time to unleash your artsy side in re-modelling your  DIY craft. The good thing with stick ons, you can actually remove it anytime you want to have it replaced. Without scratching your protective case. You can gently pull it out and even wash it off with running water.

                       For me, i didnt add that much. I  still want it simpler, not too plain and boring. But added a little touch of pastels. and i love it!  DIY your worn out cases too! 


  1. Nice naman, you might like DIY my Iph case, too. ***wink***

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