be fab with flats...

          Did  you know that, i do not own a single pair of heeled shoe in my rack? yes, everything hanged there are plain flats. flats.flats. To date, i have a small collection of  about 10 - 12 pairs of flats, open, closed, stringed ones, loafers, espadrilles and etc.
   Ever since i was younger, i always crave for a comfortable feel on my heels and flat footed feet. I do a lot of mall walking esp on weekends and free days. I as well run a few kilometers too for workouts. My feet get tired and sore from excessive walking and ugh, running. I know i get instant relief from flats rather than wearing heeled ones.  but well of course you can always be chic and fabulous because there's a hundred and one ways to wear flats... and a million designs to choose from. You just have to be creative and artsy in dressing up your feet according to the latest trend in fashion.
     A couple of Do's and Dont's below for the flats-addict like me:

Do choose the trendy ones. they say, pointed toed ones are good for  summer and early fall.
Dont choose the grandmothers' shoes- the shapeless ones and the oh-so-striking colors. Go black or brown.
Do wear flats in short lengths. flats are best worn with some skin. Above the knee skirts and shorts and capris are good. 
Dont and a must not on long length skirts.

     I have asked a few friends why they love flats and how they outnumbered other heeled pairs in their collection.

     Olive, a fashion blogger at OC-craft  revealed she has 8 wearable pairs to date and how she loved wearing flats because she is satisfied with the comfortable feeling it gives even after a long walk from anywhere in malls or from work. You can visit her page. S he has a fwide array of fashion blogs in her site. 

     Another friend and blogger Anna of Ketchup the Latest from Louise also revealed she has 6 wearable pairs of flats and said its way too comfy to wear.

Allow me to share photos of my few fetish favorites.

my comfy slip on sock style.

suede color block ballet flats

this is my fave for long casual walks

so soft and comfy

special thanks to Olive of
and Anna of 
for sharing their fetish privacy answering the poll question.


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