Sweet Temptations At Lachi's

Sweet Temptations and Cheat Days.

On cheat-eat-days, i only have one thing in mind. fooooooooood! this time allow me to share with you what its like pampering tastebuds with heavy meals and sweet temptations at  Lachis Sans Rival atbp. The place has been known  for its famous Sans Rival and wide array of pastries and pies...
They offer good meals too. known for its tender pork ribs, roast pork, breaded pork strips etc.. but this time, i had Arroz ala cubana for a heavy meal...

photos shown below are just two of the best selling sweet temptations of Lachi's... Mouth watering!

 heres more!

Lachi's Sans Rival atbp is a  must-visit food destinaton in Davao City. Prices are just right for the sumptuous sweet  treats! i will definitely visit this place- soon... good food, cozy nice place to dine. 

Door 1H Val Learning Center
Ruby Street
Marfori Heights Davao City


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