solitary mind.

Another good image to reflect on. has it been a good day? have you brought one smile to ones life? and another life? even one simple fundamental deed imitates a reflection of ourselves.
whether i like it or not, id like to be careful.i didnt want to be bothered by criticism and doubt. i didnt want to give room to being nostalgic over envy. id like to celebrate the joy and richness of having just the right amount of something in my life. even the sufferings. sufferings. one the things im most proud of. overcoming it triumphs the soul within me..
A quick quiet time of a day, a solitary walk, one must never miss one day without a quiet reflection with your innermost mind and soul. Just a quick sit and a quiet recollection.
“i love those who smile in trouble,who can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection.” -Thomas Paine


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