Mr A to Z

Music in my Mind.

I know, i know.. Im almost a year late in posting a blog about the most unforgettable day of my life. happened October 2011. Jason Mraz and Toca came to visit Manila and rocked Smart Araneta Coliseum down. I flew from Davao to Manila for this event. I was lucky  to  meet somebody  online who luckily was from Davao too. so we tagged along all throughout the day.

Arrived Manila before lunch, and headed straight to Araneta Gateway Mall to meet Anna my new friend whos also watching the concert..we  had Lunch at Pancake House to kill a little of the three extra hours we have before we proceed to the enrance gate of the coliseum.. At around 4 in the afternoon,  people were starting to gather at the entrance gates of Smart Araneta Coliseum...see we are the official early birds!!! thats Anna in yellow..

it was fun outside. the marshalls said gates will open at 7pm. so we still have 3 hours to tire our legs from waiting and standing.. but who cares?? its fun! leg cramps, feet sore, hungry.. and finally its time! Upper Box B tickets 1500 pesos was pretty much ok...

 Set list were:
- Shes the Bomb
- The Dynamo Of Voilition
- Live high
- If it kills me
-Across the Universe
-The world as i see it
-Fly me to the Moon
-A Beautiful Mess
-I Wont Give up
- 93 Million Miles
- You And I both
-The Remedy
-Details in the fabric
-Life is Wonderful

-The Freedom Song
- Im Yours

the intimate two and a half hours with Mr A to Z was never enough...... we wanted more. i can stay inside the coliseum forever and listen to all his lullabyes.. but yes,  he has to leave, and we had to go home to davao.. but before that me and anna took photos of our selfies first....

  ----home sweet home----


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