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Preppy boys' wear on Holidays

Its less than sixty days before the holidays. In this time of the year kids are dressed up fashionably matching up with the holiday season. In toddler boys, its easier to follow on trends and classic coordinated style. Easy to wear, light and comfy, hip and preppy get ups. Thats just one of  their fab favorite.

Im just too lucky to have the coolest toddler, Sam. He likes being dressed up on casual day wear. For the usual weekday mall walks. He loves photo shoots too!

Sam is wearing a preppy collared shirt from RUSTANS Denim Jeans, Reversible (yellow and blue) OLD NAVY sweater sneakers by: GAP KIDS

be fab with flats...

Did  you know that, i do not own a single pair of heeled shoe in my rack? yes, everything hanged there are plain flats. flats.flats. To date, i have a small collection of  about 10 - 12 pairs of flats, open, closed, stringed ones, loafers, espadrilles and etc.    Ever since i was younger, i always crave for a comfortable feel on my heels and flat footed feet. I do a lot of mall walking esp on weekends and free days. I as well run a few kilometers too for workouts. My feet get tired and sore from excessive walking and ugh, running. I know i get instant relief from flats rather than wearing heeled ones.  but well of course you can always be chic and fabulous because there's a hundred and one ways to wear flats... and a million designs to choose from. You just have to be creative and artsy in dressing up your feet according to the latest trend in fashion.      A couple of Do's and Dont's below for the flats-addict like me:
Do choose the trendy ones. they say, pointed toed ones a…

Come in Hungry, Walk out Happy.....

I truly agree with the striking wall caption. We came in hungry and we went out happy!        Today, me and my kiddo went out for a little quick lunch at Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao and decided to dine at Army Navy. I know I was just curious about the new burger place. I've seen a lot of friends' enticing photos and reviews and now I can finally rate it myself.

             Sam is crazy over french fries and he was anxiously asking for his forever favorite. We were very satisfied with their signature "freedom fries" . A serving costs only 65 pesos. With its reasonable amount and taste-wise- it's a two thumbs up!

          I wont miss this for the world!  An order of their signature  grilled beefy and juicy burger. I ordered a classic single-patty burger for a price of P155.. The photos looked deceivingly mouth watering, don't they?

the meat is so juicy and the buns were tender.
         It was a time well spent with my kiddo. Had a full heavy lunch. Truly the best…

Dine it the Thai way....

I haven't been to Bangkok but they say Chicken in Pandan leaves is just one of the best Thai dish in their list. So I thought of bringing this food on my own dining table so kids can try it as well. And yes you're right, if you find yourself navigating in my blog page, you can actually try it too! by all means!

You need:
Half a kilo of chicken breast or thigh
Cloves of garlic
Lemon extract
Oyster sauce or soy sauce
Sesame seeds
half tsp sugar
Chili sauce (optional)

Wash the chicken thoroughly  in running water. Drain.
Marinate in garlic, peppercorn, oyster sauce,soy sauce, sugar, lemon. Season with a little salt  and ground pepper to taste. Chili sauce is optional of you want a little zing in your chicken. Set aside and marinate for a few hours. Overnight is better.

Below are photos that will guide you on how to wrap using pandan leaves. you can always modify and do your own style. I used my own organic backyard pandan leaves. It's fresh and its hea…

in-house sunset

i thought about the concept of shooting sunset indoors. its difficult because you have a limited space and you cant play along with the lightings.. But it is always as beautiful as it is outdoors. the same impression you get in shooting from beaches,  mountain tops and baywalks... no two photos are alike, yes. but we all get the message and promise that a new day is rising, sun must go down, but for sure the sun goes up as we wake up in the morning. The point in seeing and shooting a sunset, it gives stillness in my mind. peace and serene minutes of enjoying God's wonderful creation.

Sugar Rushin' ....

I am a frustrated pastry maker. Whenever i see one, i want to make one.  When i was younger, i used to bake cakes and pastries. even got a chance to sell some good ones. But the business didnt last long. Now, whenever i see one, all i wanted is just eat. Thats why i food hop, food blog. compare one food serving and quality from the other Today, i came across Margie's Bakeshop, a cute tiny pastry / cafe located in a small corner of Damosa in Lanang Davao. I was completely in love with the pastel color motiff. The cute cafe  appeared  to me like its too cozy and comfy. True to its word, it is! 
from the outside. cute and cozy


love the pastels
If youre actually looking for  "sugar rush", you need not to be in a noisy crowded place, this is the perfect place to be.  photos shown below are the just one of the few bestsellers. i fell in love with their cute counter

not just the cupcakes are yummy, its affordable too! revel bars are sold at as low as 20 pesos!

some say this …

solitary mind.

Another good image to reflect on. has it been a good day? have you brought one smile to ones life? and another life? even one simple fundamental deed imitates a reflection of ourselves. whether i like it or not, id like to be careful.i didnt want to be bothered by criticism and doubt. i didnt want to give room to being nostalgic over envy. id like to celebrate the joy and richness of having just the right amount of something in my life. even the sufferings. sufferings. one the things im most proud of. overcoming it triumphs the soul within me.. A quick quiet time of a day, a solitary walk, one must never miss one day without a quiet reflection with your innermost mind and soul. Just a quick sit and a quiet recollection. “i love those who smile in trouble,who can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection.” -Thomas Paine

Thank God for Mommy Day Offs.

Mommies and Mommy-breaks.
Im a joyful happy 24/7 mommy. Full time and religiously devoted to housekeeping, homeworks, making sheets, cooking made easy.. etc etc.  but yeah, mommies need a break too! sometimes when things at home become redundunt, some of us wanted to scream;
"Gimme a break!"  we dream of some serene moments too. like one day i decided to break free from home pressures and took the saturday off from home-mommy-job. Thank God for Rancho Palos Verdes Clubhouse in Diverson road, Davao City for giving me a relaxing mommy day off. see gallery for photos of the clubhouse.

 my ever loyal and handy foot essentials.  awesome large pool. 


The Clubhouse Amenities are free for exclusive vip members. but they offer membership fees too for non-members. Regular fees apply to walk in guests. in this case, the pool amenity is packaged at 550 pesos (group of 5) Inclusive of 2 large size pan pizzas and 1 pitcher of iced tea. so Gooooood!  photos shown below.

Rancho Palos Ve…

Always a Friday at Tgi Fridays.

Oh how i love fridays! any day of the week is just as awesome as a friday as long as you satisfy your cravings at Tgi Fridays...  I just love the classy ambience, good food and beverages. the dancing crew and bartenders. and of course the good music.

From the food menu, theres a long list of awesome food and drinks to choose from. From appetizers to burgers and the famous steaks and baby back ribs....But i was totally blown away by their Pork Liempo. It was the most delicious  grilled liempo i had so far.. A good dinner paired with the best music was way too  perfect! Menu prices are just as reasonable as how the food tasted. two thumbs up for  Tgi Fridays!
meet the blogger =)

will definitely be back! Tgi Fridays is open mall hours at the  1st level, Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao