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Think Before You Click....

No matter how good a person is with words, one should be responsible for every detail we think, enriching with good thoughts what we write and click over the cyberworld. Responsibility is the keyword. It is. Nowadays the social media is the most powerful tool in conveying to people across the cyberworld. Being cautious and conscious in writing is truly the most ethical way in approaching people and expressing points and opposing views. We obviously exists in a world with a some bad people so we at most times end up catching evil thoughts in our story. a careful writer would be not much, but we must avoid not to bring characters in our writing in jeopardy. we just have to Think Before We Click. And voila! Mistakes. Mistakes. Once you click, its already there. An unknown author once said; 'spilled water is really much hard to collect.' see video clip of  my team "thinkers and clickers" (BlogWeekendBootcamp'12) (special thanks to @oc-craft