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Cafe Andessa

everytime i feel stressed and worn out, my sweet escape would be hanging out in this cafe few minutes away from home. cozy and relaxing, just listen to a really good bossa music and of course the best criteria for me  to relieve stress is- Good food! and everytime i step in, cafe andessa never fails me. today i ordered a cup of cupuccino and a simple wheat ham, cheese and lettuce sandwich.. it looked simple but tasted gourmet. nicely done, plating was superb! coffee was fluffy as ever, served hot. Other famous menu that most food lovers patronize is their own version of Sisig, Laing and Bicol express, for desserts, i love their Fried ube tikoy and fried suman in Mango sauce. Prices were reasonable, worry free. just as perfect as the food were. if you happen to pass by Milan road, buhangin Davao city. do drop by. youll keep coming back for more food!