Condo Living: Legacy Leisure Residences Building Stronger Connections with Investors Through a Challenging Time

After the COVID-19closed offices and paused business for a couple of months, government has relaxed on its restrictions starting in mid-May whenDavao was placed under General Community Quarantine (GCQ).On July 1, under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ), several other business establishments were given the go signal to operate with the strict safety guidelines still in effect.

Legacy Leisure Residences, the newest condominium project of homegrown developerCrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc., broke ground in January 2020.It simultaneously launched its website ( and its social media pages in Facebook and Instagram. It melded the traditional form of marketing (direct selling and print) with the new (digital format).
Two months after, the pandemic halted business in Davao. But did the selling stop for the soon-to-rise 4-tower, resort-type condominium along Ma-a Road? 
“When the lockdown started, we have to stop operations and close the office and showr…

CONDO LIVING: Structural integrity comes first. Building Legacy Leisure Residences Earthquake Ready

Structural integrity comes first. This is how CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. design its buildings. Each time the company builds living spaces, safety, comfort and peace of mind for its residents, tenants and guests are on top of mind. A structurally sound building will always present a sense of security.

CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. will abide by this principle with its latest residential project, the the soon-to-rise condominium in Ma-a, Legacy Leisure Residences. Tasked to come up with a structurally sound building with modern aesthetics is the design firm of Design Team @24J Avenue, Inc., a Davao-based company that has handled diverse projects ranging from low-rise to high-rise developments. Part of the team is structural engineer, Engineer Lizardo P. Remojo, who holds a Master’s degree in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering and undertaken projects which have been proven to be structurally safe through the years. 
Even prior to the notable events (the series of earthquakes and …


Legacy Leisure Residences stresses the importance of good home design that adapts to the times
If there’s anything the COVID-19 and the community quarantine have taught us, it is the importance of proper home design. Long weekends in the comforts of home is alwayscherished, but for an extended period of time? That is undreamed of until today. It has become the “new normal”. 
Home is the ultimate place of refuge, a sanctuary. It is important that upon entering, calmness envelopes the resident. 
The perks of living in a condominium is given: privacy, 24/7 security, in-house amenities,and a commercial strip that willinclude food outlets, convenience stores and pharmacy. In case of a lockdown, essential commodities are in the same building. Residents are safer from possible health threats that might plague the city.  
Not only didLegacy Leisure Residences, Crisron Builders, Inc.’s vertical residences rising in Ma-a soon, address the structural integrity of the buildings to withstand strong ea…

#nandiTUNAulit : Greenwich Tuna Lasagna Supreme

Greenwich is bringing back Tuna, Davao's culinary staple to its menu this summer. And its also perfectly in time for Lent! The Tuna Lasagna Supreme will surely tease foodies' fish cravings in a pasta. Big on flavor and equally big in serving. Greenwich's layers of al-dente lasagna noodles with herby tangy tomato sauce, tuna chunks, and of course made more tasty with rich, creamy cheese. 

"We know how much tuna is an important part of the Davaoenos cuisine, which is why we made it a point to bring back Tuna Lasagna Supreme in the region. Our kabarkadas in Davao asked for it, kaya #nandiTUNAulit ang Tuna Lasagna Supreme is summer- made with patong patong na sarap of tuna chunks combined with other delicious ingredients you truly love in Greenwich's best selling Lasagna Supreme", said Ping Castillo- Greenwich Brand Manager for Pasta.

Tuna Lasagna Supreme is now available in stores until April 12, 2020. Priced at P89 ala carte and P99 for a meal in all Greenwich st…

Food & Dining : Mr. & Mrs. B Davao

A new cozy restaurant just opened in the north of Davao City. Dabawenyos will surely enjoy this must-go-to- restaurant  in Lanang. If you are a frequent diner at Rekado Davao,  Chef Pauline's new dishes will excite you when you visit Mr. & Mrs. B Davao - Rekado's new sister resto.  The place itself speaks a very cozy and comfy look, stylish design and I just love the details in  its furnitures which Chef Pau mentioned were sourced straight from Cebu. 
With food,  Chef Pau's creations are always as delish as ever, never fails to make my tummy happy from Rekado to MMB's table, Chef Paulines dishes never cease to amaze my palate. 
During the food tasting, we were able to try 12 special dishes. all were excellently prepared  and plated by Chef Pau  and her team. Let me just name few of my most favorite dishes prepared by the very young and pretty Chef Pau. 

Rekado’s New Addition in time for Valentine’s Day

From the smallest to the largest, we Filipinos love celebrations, and we find reasons to flock together. At the center of each gathering is food the group of two or more can share. Valentine’s Day is no different. Dating has gone beyond the concept of taking out one loved one. It’s now about taking out everyone we love.

For Chef Pauline, Valentine’s Day is a good day to spice up Rekado‘s menu with new entries. “It’s more Filipino food we all love but with a twist on it, which is how we present our version of comfort food since Day 1,” she said, adding, “Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to introduce our new menu because we know everyone will be out dining with their loved ones.”

Everything is conceived and made with love. Here are the new delicious dishes on Rekado’s menu:

Morcon Rekado Style

Stuffed beef marinated in soy mixture and braised with aromatics until fork tender. The beef is rolled with flavorful filling of Spanish chorizo, cheese and chicken liver. It’s braising liquid i…


Whats your favorite dining table essentials? Do you love chili? Fond of  eating spicy food? Did you know that  eating chili can lower bad cholesterol levels? Glad to have tried the The New Co. Chili Garlic Sauce made by my church friends Nemuel and Dimple who shared that the chili sauce  was firts made only for household consumption  but later on launched as a family business. It is a perfect  comdiment for chili lovers in each  meal time and is best paired with just about  anything. Those  who love spicy food will definetely enjoy  just the right amount of kick.

Made from premium, all-natural ingredients, sourced locally, with a shelf life of up to 1 year, if served and stored properly.  Home made by Dabawenyo couple Nemuel & Dimple Danuco  (The New Co.) only just about 4 mos ago, has already sold  around 3,000 jars in and outside Davao region.

The New Co. Chili Garlic Sauce can be bought at the following stores at restaurants for only P100/jar.

- Larisse Cafe
- Lagao
- Su-to-ki…