CONDO LIVING: Legacy Leisure Residences on Designing and Defining Sufficient & Efficient Spaces

What are the considerations in owning a home?Developmentstrumpet location, the distance to essential areas, the amenities and developer’s track record. Legacy Leisure Residenceschecks all those, and adds another –well-designed and defined spaces.Space should play a major factor when choosing a place to live, whether you’re single or with family.“Space is important when choosing a place to live because our homes should be our sanctuaries, a stress-free zone that canprovide us a respite from our busy lives. When there is a lack of space, we feel cramped. But with more space, there is less psychological distress because we are able to feel calm and have a sense of peace,” says psychologist Maria Isabel Soriano-Lemen, PhD, RPsy and Director of the Center of Psychological and Extension Services at Ateneo de Davao University.

In Davao, space has become a premium. The growing population has madevertical village living an acceptable way of life.Among the towers rising, Legacy Leisure Residence…

Condo Living: Legacy Leisure Residences, by Davaoeños for Davaoeños

The success of a business venture is knowing the sensitivities of its market. It’s a strength. To wear the same shoe and walk in it is an advantage. Who else can relate to a Davaoeño best than a fellow Davaoeño.

Behind Legacy Leisure Residence, the soon-to-rise vertical village along Ma-a, is CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. It’s a homegrown development company that merged two of Davao’s most respectable families in business. The joint venture, run by the next generation of entrepreneurs, may be new for two Davao families, but their individual achievements go decades back. Their names are woven in the economic tapestry of Davao.
Between the two enterprising families is a list of successful undertakings in the fields of retail, food, entertainment, commercial trade, transportation, health, hospitality, to name a few. What the market needed, they delivered, and always at an opportune time.They are no strangers to real estate industry. Felcris Centrale, Holiday Oceanview Residences, Camp Hol…

CONDO LIVING: Legacy Leisure Residences Showcases Recreation and Leisure Areas

Real estate projects require 30% of its development to open space. This is intended for a green space, common facilities (or amenity areas) as well as roads and drainage facilities. The remaining 70% is for the structures. It will come as a surprise to anyone that one developer goes the opposite direction. Home-grown CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc.will build its condominium project, Legacy Leisure Residences, and allot almost 70% of the land area for open space. They are doing so to achieve a theme— a resort-like living space in a rapidly developing city. 

“Davao is rapidly becoming highly urbanized. Soon enough, vast green and open spaces will be at a premium. The span of Ma-a Road is already an address to many villages and is a fast-growing commercial stretch. At Legacy Leisure Residences, we want to provide a large inner-urban natural patch for the residents to enjoy daily, a green space they can call their own,” said Wesley Bangayan, VP for Marketing for Legacy Leisure Residences.Le…

Condo Living: Legacy Leisure Residences Building Stronger Connections with Investors Through a Challenging Time

After the COVID-19closed offices and paused business for a couple of months, government has relaxed on its restrictions starting in mid-May whenDavao was placed under General Community Quarantine (GCQ).On July 1, under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ), several other business establishments were given the go signal to operate with the strict safety guidelines still in effect.

Legacy Leisure Residences, the newest condominium project of homegrown developerCrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc., broke ground in January 2020.It simultaneously launched its website ( and its social media pages in Facebook and Instagram. It melded the traditional form of marketing (direct selling and print) with the new (digital format).
Two months after, the pandemic halted business in Davao. But did the selling stop for the soon-to-rise 4-tower, resort-type condominium along Ma-a Road? 
“When the lockdown started, we have to stop operations and close the office and showr…

CONDO LIVING: Structural integrity comes first. Building Legacy Leisure Residences Earthquake Ready

Structural integrity comes first. This is how CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. design its buildings. Each time the company builds living spaces, safety, comfort and peace of mind for its residents, tenants and guests are on top of mind. A structurally sound building will always present a sense of security.

CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. will abide by this principle with its latest residential project, the the soon-to-rise condominium in Ma-a, Legacy Leisure Residences. Tasked to come up with a structurally sound building with modern aesthetics is the design firm of Design Team @24J Avenue, Inc., a Davao-based company that has handled diverse projects ranging from low-rise to high-rise developments. Part of the team is structural engineer, Engineer Lizardo P. Remojo, who holds a Master’s degree in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering and undertaken projects which have been proven to be structurally safe through the years. 
Even prior to the notable events (the series of earthquakes and …


Legacy Leisure Residences stresses the importance of good home design that adapts to the times
If there’s anything the COVID-19 and the community quarantine have taught us, it is the importance of proper home design. Long weekends in the comforts of home is alwayscherished, but for an extended period of time? That is undreamed of until today. It has become the “new normal”. 
Home is the ultimate place of refuge, a sanctuary. It is important that upon entering, calmness envelopes the resident. 
The perks of living in a condominium is given: privacy, 24/7 security, in-house amenities,and a commercial strip that willinclude food outlets, convenience stores and pharmacy. In case of a lockdown, essential commodities are in the same building. Residents are safer from possible health threats that might plague the city.  
Not only didLegacy Leisure Residences, Crisron Builders, Inc.’s vertical residences rising in Ma-a soon, address the structural integrity of the buildings to withstand strong ea…